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Centre for Teachers and Teaching Research

Researching how best to prepare teachers as agentive professionals.

Director: Professor Caroline Daly

About us


We support teachers to become part of an agentive teaching profession, through research and development that is focused on professional learning and practice within their contexts.

Our aims are to enhance the capacities of teachers as expert professionals who can impact on inequalities. To achieve this the centre works in collaboration with teachers and teacher educators through:

  • Researching teaching and teacher education that addresses social, economic and environmental inequalities.?
  • Building capacity for critical research engagement in teacher education. ?
  • Deepening theoretical understanding of teaching and teacher education in complex contexts. ?
  • Providing research-informed high quality professional learning for teachers through courses, support and resources.

The centre helps prepare?the teaching profession to meet the complex challenges that demand highly skilled and deeply knowledgeable teachers. Our work enables teachers to meet the needs of learners today and in the future, in local communities and across global challenges for education systems.



Our research

Sponsored projects

Our portfolio includes:

Seed funded projects

In the academic year 2021/2022 we are?seed?funding eight?research projects which support the centre's?aims:

  • More than ‘mixed-attainment good, ability grouping bad’: The perspectives of trainee teachers towards grouping in the primary classroom - Josh Franks, Giddeon Sappor
  • Teachers’ Mathematical Digital Competencies (TeachMDC) - Eirini Geraniou, Nicola Bretscher and Jeremy Hodgen as research mentor
  • Race and the geographies of educational spaces: Engaging with PGCE students lived experiences of race and racism in London - Lauren Hammond, Emma Jones, Alison Wiggins, John Morgan
  • Understandings of social justice in secondary science education among ITE students and their university tutors - Wilton Lodge, Michael Reiss, Marian Mulcahy
  • Sustainability Across Subjects (SAS) - David Mitchell, Alison Kitson, Alexis Stones, Emma Newall
  • Teachers and Citizenship Knowledge (TACK) - Hans Svennevig, Hugh Starkey, Lee Jerome,?Jeremy Hayward, Alex Elwick, Gemma Gronland
  • Minority ethnic PGCE student teachers’ racialised experiences while learning to teach and the implications for retention - Alison Wiggins, Antonina Tereshchenko, Cara Olga, Balbir Kaur
  • COVID-19: Trainee TEACHers’ challenges and barriers to mental health and WELLbeing support (C19 TEACH WELL) - Keri Wong, Eleanor Kitto.

Collaborations and related projects

Journal 'Teachers and Teaching: theory and practice'

Along with our colleagues in the UCL Centre for Educational Leadership, the Centre hosts the Taylor and Francis journal Teachers and Teaching: theory and practice.?

The journal publishes research on teacher education, professionalism, values, evaluation and professional development, and teaching theory, practice and policy.

Seminar series

CTTR hosts the?Educating Teachers Matters seminar series with the Department for Learning and Leadership (DLL).?The series explores core issues in innovating teacher education for higher education institutions and their provider partners.?