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International Centre for Intercultural Studies

A major centre for global studies in intercultural education.

The International Centre for Intercultural Studies (ICIS), originally established in 1979 as the Centre for Multicultural Education, is at the forefront of the development of innovative thinking in relation to intercultural education and the study of diversity, equity and social justice.

We endeavour to promote studies and initiatives in schools, universities and teacher education institutions to address xenophobia and racism.

About us?


Our centre aims to:

  • promote intercultural education, nationally and globally
  • promote mutual understandings in culturally diverse societies
  • facilitate studies and research focused on issues related to the intersection of language, social class, religion and ethnicity
  • encourage initiatives to counter xenophobia and racism.
Our staff


Honorary Senior Research Associates

  • Dr Terri Kim
  • Dr Nicola Savvides

Our activities

Our centre undertakes activities across different fields and domains of knowledge as well as all sectors of formal and non-formal education. This includes work on issues of multilingualism, curricular issues, citizenship education and educational policies in this field.

Conferences and seminars

ICIS has held and continues to hold seminars on diverse themes such as 'Global Challenges to Social Justice and the Future of Intercultural Education', a one-day symposium organised in February 2018 in memory of Professor Jagdish Gundara, the founding director of the Centre who died in 2016.

Network groups

Our centre acts as a network and disseminating body for work undertaken in Europe and elsewhere, working closely with the International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE).?IAIE, with the involvement of ICIS, organises international events, with conferences in recent years in Mexico, Croatia, Canada, Greece, Hungary and France.